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Seek Adventures Off the Tracks

Moe. 23 years old.
Mainly One Piece, video games, manga, anime, and cartoons.
Will not post anything that is NSFW material unless it is ecchi.
Jun 6 '14
"What people are ashamed of usually makes a good story."
F. Scott Fitzgerald (via bornreadygeneration)
Jun 6 '14

(Source: ruffeh)

Jun 5 '14
Jun 5 '14


Enchanting Forests In The World

Jun 5 '14

ZodiacChic Post:Cancer


ZodiacChic Post:Cancer

Jun 5 '14


Their friendship is perfection

Feb 12 '14


Vietnamese Sword

  • Dated: circa 18th century
  • Culture: Vietnamese
  • Medium: steel, wood, velvet, bone, silver

Source: Copyright 2014 © Historical Arms & Armor

Jan 5 '14
Nov 6 '13

Anonymous asked:

Sorry if you've already answered this but what are some good ways to get yourself motivated to write?


We have a lot on this!  Augh, let me find some tags.

Nov 6 '13



if you’re having a bad day just remember 5 drunk french students abducted a llama and took it on a tram ride 

*adds to bucket list*